Contact information in Peru!

The time has come…I leave on Tuesday!  So here are some ways for you to stay in touch with me while I’m in Peru:

My email will still work, you can write to me at and I should be able to check that every so often, but there are no guarantees with my web access.

We’re should also be able to use Skype from time to time…the name with that is Samuel.hay

Mail!  I love mail, and if you write to me then I will write to you.   But there are some things to keep in mind with what you send to me…here is what Cara told us about mailing things to Peru:

Sending packages to Perú: Anything weighing less than 3 pounds can be sent through the mail with an official slip (green) that you get at the post office. Packages with this slip will arrive in a short period of time (1-3 weeks) without going through customs. Tell whoever might be sending you packages to insist upon this slip (reports say that the post office usually thinks some other manner is better–do not believe it!!) Write educational material, no value on the slip. It will arrive without going through customs, which happens to be a Latin American bureaucratic hassle of immense proportions. Also, with smaller packages we avoid a trip to Cusco to pick them up.

My address from November 2010 to January 2011 is:

Sam Hay
Jesuit Volunteers
Colegio Cristo Rey
APDO 120
Tacna, Peru

And my address from February 2011 – December 2012 is:

P. Oscar Morelli, SJ
Sam Hay
Triunfo 339, Apartado 276
Cusco, Peru


I would love to hear from you!