Estoy en Tacna

After roughly 24 hours of traveling we finally landed in Tacna Wednesday morning at 6am.  Everyone was tired, but excited to be done with airports and airplanes for a while.  The JVs in Tacna met us at the airport with a giant sign and lots of energy.  It was nice to be greeted with so much energy, especially since they aren´t usually up at that hour.

We were taken to the Habitat community where the JVs live and where we are staying for the time being before moving in with host families in about a week.   The habitat community is a neighborhood of about 400 families (I think) and the houses were constructed by Habitat for Humanity in the 80s.  At the time of construction Habitat wanted to build up the people faith in addition to their houses and that is where Padre Fred got involved.  He is a Jesuit from Hawaii who has lived in tacna for 51 years now, and it is because of him that the Colegio Miguel Pro was founded in the center of the community.

For now our jobs are to get adjusted to the culture and the Spanish, and to begin getting comfortable with life here in Peru.  It is an exhausting process.  In addition to being bodily tired, listening and translating spanish is mentally taxing.

Tonight we´re hosting a birthday party for Mo, Cara and Ashlen who all had bdays this week.  Its a costume party and the theme is Famous Pairs…so Angelina and Brad, or Hannah Montana and Miley, or rice and beans, or Mario and Luigi, or salt and pepper…anything that famously goes together.


Okay, that´s all for now…I´ll write more about the school and the community as I find time.  For now, I just wanted to let you know that I was here safely and doing well.