Ex-president of Colombia…

Chris texted me this morning about this…Georgetown students will be protesting the employment of Alvaro Uribe later this week.  Uribe is scheduled to teach classes in Georgetowns Foreign Service School as part of a global out reach program.  He was previously the President of Colombia.  Him/his government/his military have been linked to many human rights violations prohibiting the citizens of Colombia from exercising their rights without fear of being killed.   Human Rights Watch has more on that.

I believe that what is most disturbing about this appointment is the fact that Georgetown is a Jesuit university.  The Jesuits have a long history of fighting for social justice and the rights of the people in Latin America.  Many have dedicated their lives, even sacrificed their lives, to the rights of the people.  While I do not know what Georgetown went through in the process of bringing Uribe to campus, I cannot help but think that it wasn’t enough.  I’m sure that Uribe would have wonderful insights on foreign service, but at what cost to the mission and ideals of a Jesuit university?

If you want to learn more check out http://uribe-georgetown.org/