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This is copied straight from my Send me to Serve page where people can donate to my 2 years as a Jesuit Volunteer.

Hi! I am Sam, but you probably figured that out already. A little bit about myself first: I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and I have spent the last 4 years in beautiful Boston studying Theology, Human Development, and Mathematics at Boston College (GO EAGLES!). On campus I have been involved with many things from researching Psycho-social interventions with children of war and how technology can play a role in these interventions to leading immersion programs to Cuernavaca, Mexico with Campus Ministry. Outside of school the one thing I absolutely love to do (aside from walks on the beach as the sun sets) is to run. It is the one activity that I can do anywhere at any time and be perfectly happy. And I’m competitive. I usually have a race or a goal in mind as I train, and that drives me to be the best runner that I can be.

Now that you know a bit about me…the basics of what I’m planning on doing:

Where: Andahuaylillas, Peru (about 45Km southeast of Cusco)

What: Jesuit Volunteer Corps – International Programs. It is still up in the air as to what exactly my placement will be in Andahuaylillas because we are starting a brand new community. The Jesuits in Andahuaylillas run a school, social services and the parish, and we will be supporting their works in some capacity.

When: November 2010 – December 2012

Why: I love the Jesuits. If you know me, then you know that my love for the work and service they do runs deep. After 4 years at a fine Jesuit institution of higher education I have decided that the best way for me to continue living in the way of the Jesuits (without actually joining the order) is to join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. It will give me the opportunity to continue living in the intentional manner that I have learned while at BC. The three components of a Jesuit education they say are: Be Attentive, Be Reflective, Be Loving. Pay attention to the world around you, reflect on the interactions and scenes of daily life that you experience, and then act in a way that exhibits the love you have for God’s creation. For me, the best way to exhibit my love for this creation now is to join with JVC and live intentionally with 4 other volunteers while accompanying the community in which I will be serving. I am excited at the opportunity to continue developing my skills at attentiveness, reflection, and showing my love, and I really see JVC as an opportunity for me to grow in my faith and understanding of the world.

How: Through your generosity! But seriously. JVC—International Programs is a nonprofit that sends volunteers to Belize, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile, Tanzania, and Micronesia for two year terms of service. Many of the organizations we work with in country can’t necessarily afford to hire a person full time to do the work that we do, so in order for JVC to support us as volunteers they require a bit of a budget. We receive grants and funding from larger donors, corporations, the Jesuits, but a good chunk of funding comes from the donations volunteers solicit before the start of their service. Each of us has been tasked with the goal of raising AT LEAST $3000 before we depart and anything you are willing to donate towards that end is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or comments or concerns my email is Samuel.w.hay@gmail.com

Con paz,



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