Language is Funny

Earlier this week I was sitting at the dinner table with my host family.  They were telling me about Lake Titicaca and this island that is in the middle.  It is a small island and is split between Bolivia and Peru.  It is known for the trout and the frogs that you can eat…supposedly all delicious.   Things are going well and I´m understanding most of what they´re telling me.  And so I asked a question to participate in the conversation…the question was something along the lines of how do you eat the trout or how does the trout taste, but I don´t remember fully at the moment.   The funny part of this story comes from the word trout which is ´trucha.´  And if you mispronounce the word with a ´ch´ instead of a ´tr´ then you get something very different from trout.  You end up with a woman´s body part that isn´t usually discussed at the dinner table.   My host dad thought it was the funniest thing ever and the others all were laughing quite hard.   And me, not knowing my error, sat there until my host mom leaned over to explain what I had just said.  Fortunately Grandmom had gone to bed already.

Funny, right?

One thought on “Language is Funny”

  1. hahaha after doing a bit of research i’m pretty sure that’s a colloquial meaning specific to peru. in case you were wondering

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