A Foto update…

Will post a wordly update soon!  But for your viewing pleasure I present several scenes from Andahuaylillas…click on the fotos for a larger view!

A view of Andahuaylillas from atop a mountain. The parish is towards the right where the biggish looking building is...and we live on the other side of the church.
This second high altitude foto looks up into the valley where Andahuaylillas sits. Further up those mountains are several andian villages which tons of kids who come down to Andahuaylillas to study and eat in my comedor. And that is Andahuayillas in the bottom left.
The view of where the view from above came from…la cruz that overlooks Andahuaylillas
JVs at work? We're planning to camp out in the bell tower one night.
Do you see the second rainbow over the bell tower of the church?
When we have the time we walk the 7 or so miles to the market along the train tracks between the mountains.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of Sam the butcher.  In the past 2 days we purchased an entire cow and half of a bull (about 250 kilos or 550 pounds of meat)…all of which means I got to learn how to take the ax to the cow.

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